ANTARIS SOLAR Photovoltaic Modules

Antaris Solar PV modules familyThe ANTARIS SOLAR module family with the monocrystalline test winner module, the ANTARIS AS M 180, has been expanded to include not only polycrystalline modules with 6-inch cells and overall outputs between 180 and 240 Wp but also custom-made modules up to 2200 x 1200 mm in size.
Ongoing tests, both internally and externally, ensure high quality standards and continual product optimisation, whereby the company also benefits from the collaboration with a regional university for research and innovation.

high performance monocrystalline and polycrystalline modules
at reasonable current prices
available for immediate delivery

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Complete PV System Kits for flat and pitched roofs

ANTARIS SOLAR modules / solar panelsOur Photovoltaic system kits consist
of MCS solar Photovoltaic modules,
high quality branded inverters and
German made roof mounting systems.


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Five things you should know
before buying solar pv panels




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